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Anna Juricic is currently Executive Coach for many leaders of Italian and international companies and public organisations.She has worked with individuals, professionals, and teams to facilitate a personal and professional evolutionary path through challenges and changes. Leveraging emotional intelligence, Anna uses her coaching skills to maximise the potential of Executive Leaders and helps individuals and groups develop a vision and define strategies for the achievement of their goals.

She has created a specific coaching program on Female Leaders for International Organisations and has worked with groups of female leaders within the United Nations and in the European Commission. As Ambassador for Gender Equality for SDA Bocconi (2018-2019), Anna provides pro-bono coaching to leaders of international humanitarian organisations, She is also a member of the OPS (Osservatorio per la famiglia, le Politiche Sociali e la Sicurezza) board.

Anna is also an expert in Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication and has recently expanded her skills in the field of Mindfulness and its benefits in support of business.
Her well-rounded profile is structured by an Executive Master at SDA Bocconi on Management of International Organisations, a Professional Coach certification, member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) from 2017 and a degree in Sociology. Anna follows-up her training with continuous learning and participate as speaker at national and international conferences discussing topics such as Inclusion, multiculturalism, development of female leadership, and the growth of women, human rights and education.

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Coaching / System / Management / Vision

Anna  Juričić

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   Coaching System

Why Coaching System?

Anna's coaching system is an interactive model highly customised to meet the needs of the individual person and the company. The individual and his needs are always placed at the centre and the methodology adopted is characterised by the support of growth of the company through the development of the individual. This coaching system is aimed at both individuals and companies in a very flexible way thanks to its formula that combines traditional approaches with the most modern methodologies.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership with clients that, through powerful provoking questions and creative processes, inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a path designed for CEOs, managers and employees with managerial roles who wish to strengthen their leadership skills in view of performance improvements and company performance. It helps to develop clarity, perspective of change and promotes effective behaviours that accelerate the achievement of goals.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a coaching intervention mainly dedicated to companies and organisations composed of a team of up to 10 people with different skills and the common goal of growth and development of cooperation orientation that also passes through the strengthening of relations and engagement with corporate values.

Social & Life

Executive Coaching & TEAM/GROUP COACHING

CEO, Executive, Top Managers and leaders; Top Talents
Increase Self-awareness and self esteem; Improve focus and performance; Better work-life balance; Conscious decision making; Foster Agile behaviour
One to One Coaching Session; Highly Customized Content to be defined with HR and Coachee


Managers and leaders looking for development of new opportunities within changing processes; group or team who needs to leverage their potential to face the complexity of the system
Foster Open-mindness & Clarity; Master Stress; Improve Corporate Wellbeing; drives performance and agility; develop ability to manage overload information; foster conscious decisions by being present; increase cognitive ability and resilience;
Explore tactical strategies to unwire and rewire our brain, the aim is to develop some micro-practices to integrate mindfulness to everyday working life.


CEO, Leaders & Managers, Selected employees with the need to embrace public speaking
Empower communication skills; strengthen resonance with targeted audience; Increase presentation skills; develop applicable strategies and critical communication skills
Verbal and Non Verbal Communication; Assertive Communication, Public Speaking, Effective Presentation


Executive, CEO, Managers, Leaders and entire Organization
Develop an Agile culture within the Organization based on Customer Centricity, Self Direction, experimentation, collaborative networks
How to foster an Agile Culture, Agile behaviours and systems; The profile of Agile Managers and Agile Employees; Key Recommendations for a successful implementation

Diversity & Inclusion MANAGMENT

HR; Management Team; Female Leaders (or Future Leaders); All Employees to cultivate a climate and culture based on inclusion
Move from Diversity to inclusion. An effective management of differences of Gender, Culture, Age within a Company can boost achievement of sustainable results.
Female Leadership; Multicultural Management, Intergenerational Team Management


Managers, Sellers, Program Managers; Project Managers, Procurement department; Selected Employees by HR
Move from negotiation to cooperation; Gain self-awareness of personal negotiation and conflict management style; Understand the key analysis of the negotiation and conflict process; become a more skilled and effective negotiator
Negotiation and Conflict Management Analysis; Practical Negotiation Strategies; Preparing, Power and Body Language; Mediation Techniques as a Powerful Negotiation Tool

Il percorso con Anna ha nutrito la parte più emotiva della mia professione. Mi ha aiutata a risolvere le avversità sopraggiunte riuscendo ad ottimizzare il tempo, valorizzando le qualità del mio gruppo di lavoro.

Dott.ssa Francesca Corraro - Editorial Director

Anna is one of those rare coaches who seems to have that sixth sense about you no matter what you’re going through. Her sessions are full of great techniques and processes that you get to practice with her and then take away with you into your everyday life. Having had such interesting and rich life experiences herself, Anna is able to connect from her heart. And when it comes to manifesting, believe me, she is the ultimate example of what’s possible ~ any technique that she shares with you when it comes to manifesting, just DO IT!!


Anna is an amazing, caring coach. She holds a very loving and secure space for me to open up She has helped me several times in believing in myself and my capabilities.
Her loving way is very reassuring and I am able to slow down, to realize that I am doing the best I can and that I need to trust in me, in the Universe ! That is what I need most. Thank you , Anna .

― Carolien (Brussels, BELGIUM)

Anna incorporates incisive analysis and worldly wisdom into her coaching..and has a marvellous array of processes that she uses.I strongly recommend her!

― L.P. (London, UK)

Anna is an amazing coach, she has a lot of insights that helped me see things from another perspective. She is really connected to the client and that is why I was able to shift the things that weren’t easy to get for me. Thanks for everything you give me. Lots of love.

― Nicole G (Alsace, FRANCE)

Anna is a deeply caring and highly intuitive individual who easily guides you to a clear awareness and a calmer perspective. She took me through numerous processes at times when I felt completely alone and disconnected that brought me back to a sense of wholeness happiness and peace.her ability to help you reconnect with what is right true is matched by no other. She is dedicated to her desire to make the world a better place one soul at a time. I highly recommend her you will not be disappointed!


― Tammy F. Telford (Pennsylvania, USA)

Anna is a very enthusiastic and people-loving coach who truly believes in her clients. She combines a variety of life experiences with her commitment to learning and hard work. She is definitely a very supportive and joyful person and will possibly give more than required because she puts her heart in everything she does.
I definitely recommend her.

― Ivi L. (GREECE)

Ho avuto il piacere e l'onore di conoscere questa meravigliosa persona, la dr.ssa Anna Juricic, sempilce, profonda ed essennziale.. Un emozionante percorso che consiglio vivamente a tutti.

― Danila De Liso
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