Anna is one of those rare coaches who seems to have that sixth sense about you no matter what you’re going through. Her sessions are full of great techniques and processes that you get to practice with her and then take away with you into your everyday life. Having had such interesting and rich life experiences herself, Anna is able to connect from her heart.
And when it comes to manifesting, believe me, she is the ultimate example of what’s possible ~ any technique that she shares with you when it comes to manifesting, just DO IT!!

Bern, Switzerland



Anna is an amazing, caring coach. She holds a very loving and secure space for me to open up She has helped me several times in believing in myself and my capabilities. Her loving way is very reassuring and I am able to slow down, to realize that I am doing the best I can and that I need to trust in me, in the Universe !

That is what I need most.

Thank you , Anna .


Carolien –Brussels, Belgium



Anna incorporates incisive analysis and worldly wisdom into her coaching..
and has a marvellous array of processes that she uses.I strongly recommend

L.P., London



Anna is an amazing coach, she has a lot of insights that helped me see things from another perspective. She is really connected to the client and that is why I was able to shift the things that weren’t easy to get for me.

Thanks for everything you give me.
Lots of love.
Nicole G, Alsace, France



Anna is a deeply caring and highly intuitive individual who easily guides you to a clear awareness and a calmer perspective. She took me through numerous processes at times when I felt completely alone and disconnected that brought me back to a sense of wholeness happiness and peace.her ability to help you reconnect with what is right true is matched by no other. She is dedicated to her desire to make the world a better place one soul at a time. I highly recommend her you will not be disappointed!

Tammy F. Telford, Pennsylvania, USA



Anna is a very enthusiastic and people-loving coach who truly believes in her clients. She combines a variety of life experiences with her commitment to learning and hard work. She is definitely a very supportive and joyful person and will possibly give more than required because she puts her heart in everything she does. I definitely recommend her.

Ivi L. Greece



Anna è una donna speciale con tanto da offrire, dalla quale ho imparato molto. Soprattutto a non arrendermi e capire che la vita è fatta di tanti colori, dipende cosa vogliamo guardare.
Angela C. Milano, Italia



Anna ti aiuta davvero, capisce cose di te come nessun altro e arriva alla radice della tua anima e la innalza verso il cielo per farti raggiungere altezze inimmaginabili.

Grazie per esserci.
Giuliana C. Milano, Italia



Grazie “Anna” per non avermi mai voluto dire cosa dover fare ma avermi portato nella condizione di scegliere serenamente cosa fosse più giusto fare. Grazie per la sicurezza, per la stima in me stesso e per la libertà che mi hai restituito. Grazie per questo fondamentale momento del mio cammino.

Con gratitudine, Paolo.
Paolo B. Milano, Italia